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social anxeity

Posted by @blackrosewitch, Feb 22, 2012

I need to talk to a doctor or a someone who has this



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Posted by @lisa123, Feb 22, 2012

you know you have a right to be here. how precious your life is. there is not one person out there who is greater than you need not fear anyone because you have a boldness inside of you that will allow you to function in any place anywhere. don’t let anyone steal that from you. you have great potential and you must allow yourself the opportunity to reach out to others so you can touch the lives of others. thats why we are here on this earth. it is our home and it is all about communicating with other precious people in turn making a difference in each others lives. how you feel matters. your number one. believe in yourself. face your fear and that anxiety will turn into a thing of the past. don’t let it keep you down. you deserve and have every right to fit in. you belong. you were born to touch lives, we all were. just believe.


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Posted by @roxie43, Feb 22, 2012

Social anxiety can be horrible and lead to isolation and depression. Please schedule an appointment with a provider in your area because you have to live a meaningful life and have fun which can disappear when you’re too anxious to do anything. Even eating in public can be scary but don’t give up hope because its treatable 😉

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Posted by @humando, Feb 24, 2012

Have you been diagnosed with SAD?

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