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Jill Nielsen

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So many prescriptions

Posted by @jillnielsen, Dec 14, 2012

I am diagnosed with bipolar1 and recently found out I have hepatits c. I am greatly medicated for both. My hepatitis meds are affecting my bipolar in a negative way. To many shifty moods. I’m trying so hard to get thru this but some days I just don’t think “right”. Any advise would greatly be appreciated.

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Ann Heaney

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Posted by @annheaney, Jan 5, 2013

I would go back to each doctor and tell them what you said. I cannot help you medically. But your doctors can. Hang in there.

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Posted by @hlr, Jan 12, 2013

Hi Jill,
I agree with Ann. Your Drs should be collaborating to get you on the best path for recovery. I’m sorry to hear of your hepatitis c diagnosis. That couldn’t have been fun to discover 🙁 Hopefully you have contacted both of your drs already & are feeling better. If you have a minute and feel like it, let us know how you are.
Heather (HLR)

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