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So i'm 16, i had chickenpox when i was about 9. my [...]

Posted by @luispr, Dec 29, 2013

So i’m 16, i had chickenpox when i was about 9. my doctor never documented it so about 2-1 weeks ago i had to get another varicella shot for my university aplication, my fever started 1 week ago its been getting worse everyday day , it started with me developing minor blisters under my elbow they were small in size and numbers about 30, they were never itchy but ever since im been getting long term headaches, moderate muscle soreness, and the usual fever sympthons(runny nose, sneezing ect..) with the exeption of moderate throat sorenessits never hurt this bad.

im 16, 5’9,and 249lb i started to exersice daily 2 weeks ago (jogging for a hour in the mourning, and going to the basketball court for about 2 hours in the after noon) i eat 7 times a day and drink around 3 liters of water everyday, i had to stop exercising 3 days ago

I jsust someone opinion before i go to the hospital


Joel Streed

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Posted by @jstreed, Dec 30, 2013

Thanks for contacting us. We are sorry that you are feeling unwell and agree that you should see a physician. Yes, it is possible to get chicken pox more than once, and it is also possible that one of the illnesses was due to another germ masquerading as chicken pox. And, chicken pox can indeed be very uncomfortable with high fevers; adolescents are usually sicker with chicken pox than are younger children. In addition, you are to be commended for your exercise program! We at Mayo Clinic hope you recover well.

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