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So I ended up going back to the old family provider I

Posted by @sacott0079, Nov 22, 2011

So I ended up going back to the old family provider I went to long before I was even diagnosed with the Sarcoid Arthiritis. He spoke to the last doctor I was seeing and refuses to give me pretty much anything. He took me off the Cymbalta and put me on Pristiq….In 2 short months I have worked up to 100mg of Pristiq and 25 mg of Celebrex once a day. Needless to the say the Celebrex does absolutely nothing for me. Not it is snow shoveling season, and I can typically shovel about five feet before my back starts to burn and my back muscles seize up to the point where I either drop to my knees or shuffle me feet to get to a place where I can sit down until it subsides. I was on a muscle relaxer – Zanaflex 2mg x 3 a day…..that was a joke. So since starting back with the family doctor he says he has nothing in his records that indicate I am going to a rheumotologist who said I could have hydrocodone for pain. Since he did not get that doctors note from the PA i just left, he refuses to give me anything than what the other doctor had been giving me. And on the first appointment he had me complete a pain scale of how I am and have been doing on pain. Then he had me complete a PAIN CONTRACT as the other doctor told him I was an addict looking for medication. So now not only am I not gettin the meds I need for my sarcoid, i.e. Methotrexate, Humira……I am not getting anything for the pain either. I have gained 25 oinds in inflammation in the past 6 weeks becuase of not haviing my arthritis meds. They have me on the Butrans 10mcg hour patch….it helps as long as I dont do anything that requires strangth….to include folding up a laundry load of towels. My family has taken over alot of the household responsibilities but my husband doesnt understand why I am getting deeper into depression to the point where I dont really care if I wake up in the mornings or not. There are days where I would just as soon cover my head and wait til the next day to see how I feel before I decide to get out of bed. And of course since I love hunting and such, he doesnt understandy why I dont want to do these things and now feels I am ignoring him and dont want to be with him anymore. It seems like life is crashing down around me and no one listens or understands.All I want is my life back to the point of enjoying the things I used to enjoy doing…….God bless all of you out there who are going through the same thing. i pray to God for help for each one of us to find, maybe not a cure, but at least something to put it in remission. Any other comments or suggestions would be great. Please, everyone out there take care and remember, none of us are in this alone as long as we have one another to talk to .



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