Snoring after chemo

Posted by kimkimball @kimkimball, Oct 8, 2018

I am a three year survivor of breast cancer. The main issue I had with Chemo was severe heartburn and neuropathy.I did not snore before Chemo. Now I snore all the time. Anyone else? Any ideas how to stop? Thank you for your input!

Interesting question, @kimkimball. I found this information on about sleep problems related to cancer treatment
– Sleeping Problems: Hypersomnia or Somnolence Syndrome or Nightmares

Snoring is mentioned in relation to sleep apnea. "Sleep apnea, which is a short pause or decrease in air flow while breathing during sleep. This can cause snoring."

Is your newly developed snoring an irregular snore where you sometimes stop breathing and then a big snore wakes you up? Have you noticed other sleep abnormalities or changes since chemo?

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