Small tumors versus large tumors.

Posted by pegorr @pegorr, Aug 20, 2017

I am wondering if those of you who have had brain tumor surgery had it only for larger tumors or if some of you had smaller tumors. My 5th tumor has now grown to 9 mm, not too large but still believe I am having some symptoms, pain, headaches, etc. but my neurosurgeon does not believe I am. So, am I just nutty:-) maybe:-) or can small tumors also cause symptoms. It’s so hard to tell if it’s from the other two tumor surgeries or the radiation on the other tumors. Anyway, life is still sweet, challenging, yes, but still sweet. hugs all, peg 🙂

Hi Peg,
I have always heard that location is a big factor with these nasty buggers!

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@pegorr That’s a good question to ask the Mayo Clinic experts at this upcoming Video Q&A about brain tumors on Sept 11. You can post your question here:

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