Anyone had biopsy result of 'small focus of atypical glands'?

Posted by milburnd @milburnd, Oct 18 8:15am

After an elevated PSA, my local doctor ordered a prostate MRI. The MRI showed two lesions, both of which had PI-RADS of 4/5.

My recent biopsy showed the first lesion to be cancerous and the second lesion to be a ‘small focus of atypical glands’.

Has anyone had a biopsy result of ‘small focus of atypical glands’? If so, what sort of insight have your doctors provided?

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Atypical glands have a 40 to 50% incidence of harboring cancer or of becoming cancerous.
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@milburnd, as @gently points out foci of atypical glands have features suspicious for but not diagnostic of cancer. Since the one lesion did prove to be cancerous, what treatment options did your team recommend?


The treatment options are still being determined. Focal therapy has been recommended, but genetic testing of the cancerous biopsy tissue will determine if active surveillance is appropriate.

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