Small Fiber Neuropathy and Parkinson's Disease

Posted by mikesfn @mikesfn, May 19 9:55pm

I have small fiber neuropathy and, at the advice of my SFN neurologist, will be tested soon for Parkinson's Disease. I'd be glad to hear anything about ways that these two diseases overlap.

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Hello @mikesfn and welcome to the Parkinson's Support Group on Mayo Connect. You've asked an interesting question about PD and SFN. I did a search and found some information on the NIH website. Here is a link to that article,

The early symptoms of PD often include gait disturbance when walking, balance problems, a soft voice and difficulty swallowing. Outside of the neuropathy symptoms have you had other movement problems?

Has your doctor indicated what tests he will use to check for PD? I look forward to hearing from you again with any questions or concerns.


Hello @mikesfn, I would like to add my welcome along with Teresa @hopeful33250 and others. In addition to the NIH article Teresa shared, you might find it helpful to scan through the discussions and comments on neuropathy and Parkinson's found by a search of Connect. Here is a link to the search results -

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