SLL and Green Tea Extract?

Posted by zephyr @zephyr, May 15 3:49pm

I was just diagnosed with early stage small B cell SLL and am asymptomatic. My oncologist has said we will just watch and wait. I have read that Mayo has done some studies on the positive impact of green tea extract on CLL. Also effective for delaying progression of SLL?

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@zephyr, welcome. You mention the Mayo Clinic study conducted for CLL. You may be interested in reading this related discussion with several references to the study:
– Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: Mayo study on green tea extract (EGCG)

In short, a green tea extract has shown some promise in initial clinical trials for treating chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Laboratory research determined that a compound in green tea extract, called EGCG, can kill chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells. A study of people with early-stage chronic lymphocytic leukemia found that EGCG in pill form reduced some signs of the disease. But green tea trials haven't been conclusive, and this subject requires more study before doctors can agree on the merits of this treatment.

Watch and wait, or as I prefer to say, active surveillance, is a common treatment approach for small lymphocytic lymphoma (SLL) as it is a slow growing cancer. Zephyr, how are you feeling about this approach? Did you and your oncologist discuss signs to watch for and to report?

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