Slightly confused: borderline personality disorder diagnosis change

Posted by GottaBBetter @gottabbetter, Jun 27, 2012

So I just had an appt with my therapist and it left me a little confused. She came to the conclusion of Borderline Personality Disorder 3 sessions ago and after reading up on it was totally in agreement. Now today the description changed. Now she said that its almost BPD but more of an Axis 1 which I believe Piglet mentioned in one of her replies to me. Either way… I finally have an appt with a psychiatrist next week and am hopeful for starting a new medication. Anti depressants start out good for about 6 months and then just don’t work that well. I start to crash even though I’m taking them. She seems to think a mood stabilizer is the answer to help me through this so I can start breathing a little easier so to speak. I really hope something helps. I’m sick of this rollar coaster! Any thoughts or advice out there?

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Hi GottaBBetter. So glad that you have an appointment next week. Hopefully the correct medication will be organized for you and you’ll start to feel alot better. Stay positive Your in my thoughts and always here if you need to talk Piglit


I have suffered with BPD (diagnosed) for about 15 years and can tell you that a mood stabilizer will help if you truly have BPD, but seeing a therapist who specialized in BPD is most beneficial. It is possible to live with it off of medication, or a low dose with proper therapy. BPD is very hard to live with and is a daily struggle, but if you are able to accept it and seek help, it can be very manageable. I would ask about Seroquel, it is new to treat BPD and has a high success rate.

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