Sleeve to bypass for complications

Posted by mdk @mdk, Sun, Oct 6 6:16am

I have to revise to gastric bypass after having the sleeve 2 years ago. The problem is I have already lost all my weight. I am being revised because my sleeve is twisted. I have gastroparesis and am nauseous constantly. I feel sick every time I eat and always have stomach pain lately too. Will this revision stop all this nausea and pain? I want relief, but I am worried about malabsorption issues and looking sickly from losing more weight. Please help

I've had multiple surgeries from complications of RNY bypass. I went from 180 to 155 in short period from liquids only diet
Once you get better or recover the weight should equalize. I'm back to 180 a year later.


I had a bypass in 2008 all I can tell you Have to take your vitamins every day for the rest of your life…..

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