sleeping disorder

Posted by res1952 @res1952, Oct 28, 2011

I can’t stay awake. I sleep 24-7. I have been to hundreds of doctos and they have run hundreds of tests.
My internal med doc had recc nuvigil,my insurance company wouldn’t ok iit so my husband oayed for it (30 day supply,350.00) it didn’t work.
does anyone know of a doc that can help me . This has been going on for 19 years. I have no life and its mentally and physically killing my poor husband, not to mention or finances
i would like to make an appointment at the moto clinic, I don’t know who or wher to go.
res .

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sounds like a good idea to make an appt at the mayo clinic. good luck


Have you made any progress diagnosing your problem? I just joined to try to figure out why I sleep almost all the time. I sleep for up to 6 days straight. In a typical week, I will sleep until about Wednesday and then wake up, eat and stay awake for 2-6 hours and then go back to sleep for several days. People can wake me up, and I will wake for alarms (for meds), but just go back to sleep. I have a lot of medical history including mulltiple concussions, blood clots in my brain (gone now), PKD, chronic low back pain from multiple back fractures. I was wondering if the clots or concussions could have a long term effect. Concussions were in 86 or older, and the clots were in 2005.

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