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Sleeping difficulty

Posted by @ammarghani, Jul 6, 2013

Hello all
I’m Ammar,a medical student. I have been having sleeping difficulties from the last 4 years
Now I know many have this problem
But then Again I don’t have any stress or any sort of problem in my life
I am finding it hard to sleep
Please help me
Thank you.



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Posted by @pjpmd, Aug 31, 2013

I don’t recall sleeping much as a medical student either, and even less as a resident :). Seriously
Though, if you want help get a consultation with a sleep disorders clinic. Your medical school or university hospital should have one. Hopefully they will do a thorough evaluation and rule out the major causes.. They run the gamut, from medications and substance use through mood disorders to sleep apnea and related problems.

Good luck


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Posted by @anon73206538, Sep 30, 2013

Have you tried melatonin? It’s a natural sleep aid

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