Sleeping difficulty

Posted by ammarghani @ammarghani, Jul 6, 2013

Hello all
I’m Ammar,a medical student. I have been having sleeping difficulties from the last 4 years
Now I know many have this problem
But then Again I don’t have any stress or any sort of problem in my life
I am finding it hard to sleep
Please help me
Thank you.

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I don’t recall sleeping much as a medical student either, and even less as a resident :). Seriously
Though, if you want help get a consultation with a sleep disorders clinic. Your medical school or university hospital should have one. Hopefully they will do a thorough evaluation and rule out the major causes.. They run the gamut, from medications and substance use through mood disorders to sleep apnea and related problems.

Good luck


Have you tried melatonin? It’s a natural sleep aid

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