~ skin problems at 72? ~

Posted by Barb @amberpep, Mar 3, 2017

I have never had peaches and cream skin (but how I wish); never had that really bad acne …. I think it’s called acne vulgaris, but just typical blackheads and occasional breakout. Well, here I am, 72 years ago, and I have been using the Obagi Nu-Derm System for over 12 years and it’s done a beautiful job on my skin. No more blackheads, and admittedly don’t look at all near my age. But, I still get bumps, and (I know this is wrong!), I attack them! I don’t know why I still get these blemishes and I know going after them sure doesn’t help. But, why do I get them in the first place? You would think by now there would be no problems with them anymore, especially after using a doctor Rx-d treatment plan, which includes Retin-A.
Any thoughts?

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Abby, have you thought about seeing a dermatologist and asking about a new skin regimen?


@amberpep, could the bumps possibly be rosacea? It’s probably far-fetched because generally rosacea is considered to be a younger person’s problem, but I suspect it can still happen as you get older. I had it pretty bad and saw a dermatologist regularly for it but thankfully it cleared up when I went through menopause.


Hi everyone. I’m 42 years old and when I was a teenager I remember my mum telling me that the spots and acne I get will go when I get older – anyhow it didn’t !! I spent decade spending a fortune on different skin creams etc – I have tried so many things ! A couple of years ago I lived in Asia and my acne got quite bad. I would have breakouts of at least 20-30 spots and they would be so deep and sore that it would take months for them to heal. There were a couple of skincare products that my skin preferred – Salcura spray (it’s a British brand of natural oils and it helped clear my skin a little.). Anyhow – during the last year I finally know what’s causing it ! I went for IgG testing and quite a few foods came up as intolerant. One of them was casein which is found in cheese and cows milk. I told my husband I will give it a try and just stop these 2 food items in my diet. Oh my goodness – I couldn’t believe my skin after 2-3 weeks I could see it clearing. After 4-6 weeks it’s amazing. I use almond milk in my tea/coffee (do not use coffee creamer of coffee mate as they add casein to them). For the first time in 30 years I do not need to wear foundation and my skin is glowing and clear. Maybe you do not have the same casein intolerance but I would recommend being tested for food intolerances. And if anything comes up then just give it a try to remove it from your diet. I would advise you remove just one food at a time and try it for 6 weeks. See how it goes. Hope my words help 🙂

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