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~ skin patches ~

Posted by @amberpep in Skin Health, Aug 9, 2012

Hi all .... I am a 67 year old woman, in good health (except for a TRKR a year ago). I have noticed the passed year or two these little round invisible dry patches on my skin .... they can show up anywhere from my legs to my back to my arms. They're no bigger than about 1/4" in diameter and you can't see them unless you rub over them. Then you can feel the little bit of scalyness. I am due for my yearly skin check with my Derm. so I will ask her, but that's 2 months away.
Do any of you have any ideas what this may be? Many thanks ....

Tags: Skin Conditions

Posted by Anonymous-41f3aa17, Aug 17, 2012

Is it a yeast rash possibly?

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