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Skin Condition

Posted by @benzzo, Aug 27, 2012

In less than one year, my father had a good size hole on his gluteus maximus at least 4 to 6 inches wide accoprding to the rehab and about 4 inches deep. The nurses informed me he arrived in that condition from aniother medical center. My father is 78 years old with multiple heatlh issues. The rehab said it happened from sitting for long periods of time. They wanted him to stay until it completely healed. From the extent of his wound, it would never completely healed. I suggested his doctor to administer regimens of collagen injections. When I changed his decatheter in March 2011, I saw no indication of any hole of that extent in the smallest degree according to her description in May 2012. shortly after, he was dsicharged to his home. He mentioned injections were given but suddenly stopped refusing to answer any further questions. My question is as follows: How can an absess to that extent occur from just sitting less than a year? That’s a question not meant to be answered…meant as a statement. can you help me with facts not opinions? And provide proven documentation for those facts it will be appreciated.


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