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skin cancer

Posted by @meridith, Sep 7, 2011

I was just diagnosed with skin cancer. They told me they feel i have had it for a long time and think it may be in my bones. I have no insurance any advice for me.



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Posted by @martize, Oct 23, 2011

Have you done any research on were you can get insurance,I am sure there some one out there that can help you.


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Posted by @powerofpositive, Nov 5, 2011

Check with the facility where you had the diagnosis. Often the finacial dept. can help depending on your income etc. They often can check to see if your eligible for Medicare or Medicaid. Sometimes there are funds donated by others for specfic causes etc. If you are connected to organizations (places of worship, civic orgs. etc. tal k to them also. They may be able to help. Hopefully you have someone to help you do this. Sometimes just reaching out to is all it takes to find help. Good Luck.

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