Skin Cancer

Posted by maddbil @maddbil, Sep 19, 2011

Just moved to Phoenix area. Have had several minor proceedures to remove moles and growths. One was cancer, just not a bad one. I now have something growing on my right temple. Called Mayo in Phoenix for appointment. Next one is Jan 25, 2012. I have already waited 5 months with this thing. Afraid if I wait 4 more… may not matter by then. Any suggestions?

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I have been using a dermatologist who checks me every 3 months for skin cancers. I have had 4 removed this year. Catching the cancer early is vital for success. If a path report comes back positive for cancer, she refers me immedicatley to a surgeon who does the Mohs surgery in his office. So far, successful. You might want to look up the Mohs tmt online. I am not sure I would wait aroiund til Jan 2012.


There is no reason to have to wait that long. I had a spy looked at within a week of calling my dermatologist, has it biopsied and 2 days later I am sitting in the dermatologist office to have MOHs. Call another office for suggestions of where else to go.

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