SINUS infection

Posted by Plaid @bob270, Aug 20, 2016

In 2000 I was treated for a sinus infection by an allergist. He got me relief, but felt there was still some infection left which would require surgery. Now I have similar symptoms, but milder. Back then I had a great deal of mucous and miserable headaches. Now I have very little mucous and I can ease the headaches with the Neti pot. What is a good course to take?

Hi @bob270,
I love my Neti pot. When I sense a sinus buildup, I rinse with it twice and day, and for several years now have avoided infection that requires antibiotics. It sure helps with the pain and headaches. My situation was never chronic enough to consider surgery however. I’m tagging other Connect members who have written about managing sinus infections in the past. @ladysky @citylady @pclaire Cbs61752 @robbinr @digmeme, do you have some tips or thoughts for Bob.


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One thing that is really awesome before bed is to use a nasal spray such as nasonex. Not sure if that is spelled correctly but I know you heard of that before. Hope you feel better!

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