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Since septemberof 2011 i was diagnosed with rsd after haveing surgery on

Posted by @snoman2, Nov 16, 2012

Since septemberof 2011 i was diagnosed with rsd after haveing surgery on my left foot for tarsell tunnel , I ammediatly had signs that something was wrong 2 weeks into recovery my foot swelled up and turned purple with ice cold sensastions i was and am a patient at a pain center for degenerative discs so fortunatly they new what this was and started treatment right away by doing sympathetic nerve blocks every week in hopes of getting rid of this diseaese unfortunatly after 6 months of this it spread to my other foot . Im on and have tried many medications currently i take 3000mg of gabapentin , 20mg of oxycontin 3 times a day 10mg of endocete 4 times a dayalong with clonaxeapam and muscle relaxers to sleep. Ive done physical therapy over 20 sestions , transistion baths with hot and cold water , bio feedback that i do every 2 weeks , therapy that i do every 2 weeks , i have 2 tens units that i use for the pain , if the pain gets really bad i take prednisone 20mg . I stopped the nerve blocks back in march of 2011 and now have resumed doing them alternating from one side to the other every 10 days because they cant treat both sides at the same time. Overall my body is chilled and sweating it feels like this is throughout my body i dont seem to be able to do much anymore im good for a couple of hours then im in such pain i cant take it , my feet are burning , the pain shuts me down to where i cant speek , i have ice cold feet that goes back and forth from foot to foot , it feels like i was driven over by a truck and my bones are broken. SO i do biofeedback to calm me down and take meds but this is my life now and its not very pleasant if i could some how get in a better place .


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