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Since October I have waking out of a sound sleep, with what [...]

Posted by @lpatterson in Healthy Living, Mar 29, 2014

Since October I have waking out of a sound sleep, with what I now know is vertigo. I hear a rushing sound in my sleep and wake up spinning. This lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to the longest at 3 hours. There is extreme nausea,sometimes vomiting and sometimes a migraine. This happens when I am sleeping on my right side. I have not been able to sleep flat since then and I usually sleep partially sitting up on the sofa so I don't have a lot of room to turn and possibly spin out. I have had an ear fluid and no hearing loss. I have had 4 MRIs and there aren't any issues w/the vessels. There are a many spots on my brain which my dr. wants to check w/lumbar,etc,type testing. A 2nd ENT thinks it might be viral and has me on an antifungal which hasn't shown much change. There are other things I am trying,such as acupuncture...but, the main comment from all I have seen is that they have never heard of vertigo waking someone out of a sound sleep. So, my question is...anyone else out there with this problem? Is so, wha t causes it?

Tags: Vertigo, migraine headache, MRIs

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Mar 31, 2014

Hi, @lpatterson. I'm so sorry to hear about your condition. Here are some links that hopefully will be helpful for you:; Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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