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Silent Reflux

Posted by @ptfitzy, Jul 28, 2012

For several years I have been suffering from “Silent Reflux”. It is similar to “Acid Reflux” but it is not acid. It is mucous. I constantly have mucous in my Throat or Esophagus that goes up into my Sinuses. I have tried all the the “PPI’s” and the doctor even doubled their strength. I get relief laying down vs Acid Reflux. It is at it’s worse after eating. I have found that I get immediate relief eating an apple. However, it only lasts a half hour. I have been told that unless it is absolutely necessary, should I consider surgery. It is difficult and recovery is hard. I was also told that a drug called “Reglan” may work but has several side effects. I have tried “Digestive Enzymes” including ones with licorice. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, ptfitzy


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