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Siezures from being abused

Posted by @sharonschwartz in Brain & Nervous System, Oct 18, 2011

Would love some wisdom from experiences about healthy management and physical acceptance skills about childhood abuse. Breakthrough Siezures are what I have been diagnosed with recently. Coping skills would be a great start.

Thank you,

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Posted by Anonymous-aeaf6ea1, Oct 19, 2011

Sorry to read about your seizures. Have you done any work in psychotherapy for your wounded-ness from the child abuse? Maybe that might help you cope.


Posted by @peacekeeper, Nov 14, 2011

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Posted by @jeanette923, Mar 25, 2012

Hello Sharon,
I am very sorry you have seizures from being abused. I come from a very dysfunctional and abusive family, also. I have depression, PTSD, and low self-esteem (which is getting better). I had to teach myself how to hold my head up high when I walk instead of looking at the ground. I do not know what you do for a living, but I am disabled right now with Fibromyalgia, but am presently going to college online for psychology, so I can help abused and neglected children. If you could volunteer to help abused children, this would improve your self-esteem and at the same time would be great therapy for yourself. Children need more people that have been there, and understand what they are going through emotionally. Most of the social service workers have never been there, they do not have the insight that we do. They know what they read in a book, not life experience. I was physically and emotionally abused by my parents'. I was also sexually abused by a female babysitter who was around 16 years old. I was probably somewhere between 10-12. I have never told anyone about that. My mother did the most damage with emotional abuse. If you keep telling a child they will not amount to anything, etc, they believe it after a while. I do not know what breakthrough seizures are, but will look it up. You need to leave your past where it belongs in the past. I turned into a people pleaser. I have been lucky because I know that God was by my side the whole time. Sometimes we have to experience evil to know what good is, and to make us stronger. Like the saying goes " what does not kill you, only makes you stronger". My sister on the other hand was always slow, or slightly retarded and she came down with paranoid schizophrenia when she was in her late twenties, early thirties. Her voices which is only her thinking in different voices she has heard in her life, tell her what an awful person she is and everyone is trying to put her away. This is from the constant emotional abuse she received as a child. She was not strong enough to handle it. My brother whom I love dearly, is 9 and a half years younger and was put on a pedistool when he was born. It was not his fault. He was not abused but he witnessed his sisters being beat and screamed at constantly. My email is , if you would like to talk more about your abuse. I do not know anything about it so there is not a lot I can say unless I know more. I wish you the very best.

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