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Sickness and Weight Loss

Posted by @terber, Dec 25, 2011

I’m having problems getting on and sticking to a program to lose weight. When I get going and working out, I have a setback that knocks me back down. I can not be consistant. It’s very frustrating and I sink down and undo all of the good that I had done. Make sense? Yeah, not to me either. I’m at a giving up point. BTW, I have factor V Leiden (clotting disorder) and they can’t get my blood theraputic. It’s been two years and $40,000 out of my pocket that I’m still paying. I’d like to conquer this one thing(weight), but am suffering. Any ideas??



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Posted by @anon33437135, Jan 27, 2012

Your not alone I have to loose weight too for my neck and back issues I have setbacks too not consistent with weight I tried apples water theraphy and walking change environment.

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