sick sinus sydrome dual chamber pacemaker

Posted by cupcake @cupcake1979, Jul 19, 2017

I had a pacemaker dual chamber in January due to my heart stopping. I have since in the last 10 days experienced low blood pressure tachy. I was placed on beta blocker which landed me in the er due to heart rate dropping to 47. Echocardiagram comes back normal also blood test along with ekg. I am currently experience constant chest pains, migraines, shortness of breath and weakness. Can anyone shed any light

Hello @cupcake1979,

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@cherfenn @oldkarl @incrediblemulk98 have discussed heart rhythm issues like tachy-brady syndrome (sick sinus syndrome), and I wonder if they have more insight to offer?
Here’s some information about sick sinus syndrome from Mayo Clinic:

@cupcake1979, since you mentioned, “…am currently experience constant chest pains…” may I ask if your health care team has ruled out any coronary blockage? Are you able to take a lower dose of the beta blocker?

Just a few small things. First, exactly where in your chest do you hurt, and what does it feel like? Morie Gertz, of Mayo-MN, in “Amyloidosis –Diagnosis and treatment” points out that a line of pain between the point of the shoulder and the nipple often shows a sick spleen. A heavy pain in the center is often the heart, or a problem with the sternum. I had some success with my tachy-brady when I had a full course of EECP. It is painless, and did help after a few months after treatment. I doubted it at first, but eventually came around when the bad stuff eased. I still have some, but not nearly as bad. My pulse runs from 45-153 on any given day. It was running 40-175 while resting.

I am always intrigued with those of us who have received Pacemakers and our symptoms and reasons for our new best friend is as individually based as we are unique. Personally, I think it takes time for our bodies to adapt and adjust to the PM. Our heart has been fatigued for so long and use to doing its on rhythm now that an insert has been placed to help and assist I’m wondering if time and medication adjustments are apart of the equation. I’ve not had constant chest pains or anything that I would call chest pains. My symptom is more like a congested freeway at times and now those times are few and far apart. By this I mean who’s in charge the PM or the heart once they figure that out life is good. Once I learned not to dwell on my PM life has been more normal. I’m pretty regular on working out several times a week and I find that most helpful. The reason I have a PM is due to bradycardia and having 6 second pauses. I have a new normal and we hit two years in June.

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