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sick long time

Posted by @musali in Infectious Diseases, Nov 20, 2011

hi everybody my name musa i was sick since 2003 in my stomach i have met more then 20 doctors in twinciteis erea and abroad in Germany none of them gave me a midicine i've recovered, i was told i have HPolory pacteria but doubted since all the antipoitics i was givin made me any better, now i need any advice if mayo cilinic is good chioce for me to go please i need your help thank you.

Tags: Infectious Disease


Posted by @sild, Jan 28, 2012

You definately need to be followed by a health care practioner. did you take the recommended amount of antibiotic therapy? and are you taking a probiotic and eating plenty of vegie?


Posted by @musali, Feb 8, 2012

i did everything they game but couldnt fnished up because of my stomach upset, so basicly iam out of options and really don't know what to do,


Posted by @dogmomof04, Apr 15, 2012

I just finished the 2 weeks of antibiotics after being diagnosed with the H pylori bacteria. Your reaching out for help when the help is MUST endure the 2 weeks. Believe me its SO worth it!! Be STRONG & go back to your doctor to go on the 2 weeks of antibiotics. That's the ONLY way to recover from H pylori...please keep us posted. Pat

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