SIBO due to structural problems (past GI surgeries and adhesions.)

Posted by dlnngrvs @dlnngrvs, Aug 3, 2020

I'm searching for SIBO in the forum but nothing specific to it comes up. My wife suffers from SIBO due to structural problems in her small colon from past surgeries and adhesions. Further surgery is out of the question due to problems healing. Her only relief has come from taking Xifaxin, although the gas build up and pain never completely stops, probably because her small colon never completely gets rid of the overgrowth. Other antibiotics tear her whole digestive system up. She doesn’t have IBS, just pain and pressure after eating anything. She eats no sugar, since sugar really makes it worse.
1. Does anyone stay on Xifaxin most of the time?
2. Also, does anyone use CBD with THC for the pain? Occasionally, the pain gets so bad she takes Tramodol, but hates the way it makes her feel after she stops taking it. It also slows her digestion down.

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I have the same anatomy. I’ve has multiple intestinal Resections due to scarring and adhesions Including removal of appendix, gallbladder and ileo Cecil valve. Anything high in sugar makes me sick and brings on symptoms of SIBO. Xaxaflaxin is the only antibiotic that works
It important to take with another antibiotic if you’ve had a RNY bypass as I have. It could be embarrassing as SIBO could bring on very awful smelling explosive diarrhea it’s very important to watch diet Feel better
I’ve never used CBD Or pain meds but prefer to sleep off pain


Hi @dlnngrvs and welcome to Connect. Please see the ongoing discussion about SIBO that I have added here. You might be interested in reading the 19 pages of members journeys and different advise given. How long has your wife suffered with SIBO? And how long has she taken Xifaxin?

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