shoulder replacment

Posted by fivejsandp @fivejsandp, Mar 18, 2017

Your personal experience with this surgery

I am looking into stem cell therapy with my own cells for this. Looks very promising. Has anyone out there tried it instead of a replacement?

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Mayo Clinic Radio did a segment recently on shoulder replacement, which you can hear by clicking on this link:

@fivejsandp, could you share a bit more about yourself; have you had, or are you thinking of having this procedure done?

I had both shoulders replaced at Mayo in Phoenix. Dr. Steven Hattrup was my surgeon. He is incredibly talented and I feel so fortunate that he did my replacements. My scars are practically invisible. I had my left shoulder done in June of 2013 (I think) and my right shoulder done the following April. I am without pain!! The mobility in both shoulders is improved, especially the left. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t fun, but it was worth it. Randy Brattrud was my physical therapist. He and Dr. Hattrup have a long standing relationship. I credit Randy with the range I have in my left shoulder. He was unavailable the first month after my right shoulder replacement and I think that’s why my right shoulder doesn’t have more range that before my surgery (but still no pain is a blessing). If you have questions, I will be happy to answer them.

Can anybody recommend a PT in the Raleigh, NC area who specializes in shoulders. I have osteoarthritis and very tight muscles which affect both my shoulders and neck. I’d like to avoid surgery, if possible, so perhaps with good exercises and treatment I could find relief. Anybody have any suggestions?

Hi Beatricefay, Instead of a PT you may want to try to find a chiropractor who has been trained in ART = active release technique. I swore off of chiropractors but ran into one who said she can give me exercises that will do the same as surgery and it surely was true. I have been to 2 Chiropractors and one PT who has been trained in ART. She was the best, the other Chiropractor, is good. but the PT made things a little worse but only for a little while, but now I use him a my backup PT when my regular PT is away. He’s a great PT! He works for my reg PT but at a further office.Those trained in ART are few and far between, but if you enter in on a computer you may find one that is convenient.. Unfortunately I moved and can’t use her anymore. @gailfaith

Hi Gailfaith,
Thanks for the info. I found a PT in the area that uses ART. Will check it out.


Hi Gailfaith,
Thanks for the info. I found a PT in the area that uses ART. Will check it out.

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Hi Beatricefay, That was fast. I’ll pray for success with the PT. Let me know how it works out. Gailfaith.

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