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Posted by jmanning @jmanning, Thu, Sep 19 4:13pm

I just joined this forum in search of helpful info on shoulder replacement surgery and recovery. My surgery (right shoulder) is Nov. 13. I am 66, female, married (so my hubby needs to know his role as caretaker) and very inconveniently broke my left arm about 12 days ago when I fell off my horse. Feeling anxious.

@jmanning Good afternoon and welcome to Connect. I see that you are scheduled for shoulder replacement surgery in about 6 weeks. You also fell off your horse and broke your left arm about Sept 2. After a pause for thinking, I wonder if your surgeon knows about the broken arm. You wouldn't want to compromise the healing of the broken left arm because of a weak right shoulder. If you are right-handed you are going to need a lot of help from the left hand.

It also appears that you have a ready and able bedside assistant in your hubby who can help in many ways.
The first area to think about is sleeping…..getting comfortable enough to fall asleep and stay asleep.
The second area to plan is maintaining your personal hygiene routine. The mobilizer restricts the total movement of your right arm.
The third and final area for this afternoon is eating. I will admit, I gave up and just became pretty ambidextrous. Today, I still use my opposing arm without thinking about it. So we can modify our routines and even learn new habits.

Let me know if you have other questions. I am wondering, did the hospital have a video program of the recovery period? Is there someone you can call for patient information? There appear to be quite a few websites that discuss shoulder replacement surgery. One last question? Are you having a reverse shoulder replacement? Be safe and protected from pain tonight. Chris


Hi @jmanning – Welcome to Connect. I'm glad you found this group. And I'm glad @artscaping Chris chimed in. I personally haven't had experience with a shoulder replacement. I'm 68 and have had two knee replacements in the last two years – so if it was your knee that was a problem, I could give you the low-down! I'm going to tag a few other people who I think have more experience than I do with shoulder recovery @edithmiller @seniorsoftball and @mimi99. I appreciate the fact that you are feeling anxious. Before my surgeries – even my 2nd – I did too! I agree with Chris that it would be a great idea to let your OS know about your broken arm. Do you have an expected timeline for getting out of your cast and being able to use your left arm effectively?


Will you please keep me in on the shoulder talk? 😃


Oh yes, @marlynn – You will always be on this post. Have you made a decision on having your shoulder replacement?


No, not yet. I am going to get an evaluation to see what the doctor thinks are my chances for good outcome.
I’ve had two knee replacements I know first hand the pain of joint replacement, possible complications and the recovery process. I’m 77 years old and I feel as II’ve painted myself in a corner.


Hello @jmanning, I'd like to add my welcome to @debbraw and @artscaping's.

I'd also like to share a few more discussions on Connect focused on shoulder replacements, one in particular is focused on tips for after your surgery and during recovery:

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@artscaping brings up a great question, does you surgeon know about your broken arm? Is there any concern on how you will be able to recover if each side of your arms is weakened by injury? In my own experience with a rotator repair, I would have been in big trouble if I didn't have my right arm to rely on for everything.

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