Shoulder problems.

Posted by swedishgirl @swedishgirl, May 24, 2018

Orthopedic surgeon gave me shots, a month of PT, but saw him and pain has returned. He told me I am running out of options but prescribed one more month of PT. Are there any stem cell regeneration successes with shoulders? Would love to avoid shoulder surgery.

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I too have shoulder pain and am going through the PT and injection process. I just read this article yesterday from Mayo Clinic about stem cell therapy, it might answer your question.


Thanks, bonnieh218….I read the article, which gives a good answer, but hoping for more progress. Time will tell.


@swedishgirl and @bonnieh218, here is a link to another discussion about stem cell therapy for rotator cuff tears,

@swedishgirl, if you don't mind sharing, what issues do you have with your shoulder(s)? I am also in the process of scheduling a minor arthroscopic surgery to release a nerve and clean a bone ossification in my left shoulder. I've been putting it off for a long time as I couldn't do more damage and it was just a matter of pain tolerance, which has started to limit my physical activity.


My shoulders and arms have been a problem off and on. Last summer a pain management facility helped get rid of the pain. They used massage, deep ultra sound, and elctronic stimulation, along with modest physical therapy. However, last fall, pain returned, MRI was done and shows a partial tear in left shoulder and right shoulder, arthritis. Also, tears in the biceps. Saw an orthopedice shoulder specialist one month ago, had injections in each shoulder, and did PT this past month. Then the shots wore off. Saw Doctor this week, he said I didn't have many options, also, as the injections made my blood pressure rise to 170 for three days until internist prescribed a stonger blood pressue medicine. I was on the lowest dose. However, Dr. said to try PT for one more month. However, now I am in pain whereas this past month, the injections took care of the pain.

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