Shoulder issue

Posted by mschock @mschock, Feb 4, 2018

I have been dx with bone on bone in my right shoulder. I am wondering about current treatments for this. A shoulder replacement may be in the future when I can no longer function with it. Any input?

Hello @mschock,

I would like to invite @josephmike, @jpdunlap, @misscheryl, @robseverson, @peterauen, @annmerc, to this conversation as they have all discussed shoulder surgeries recently. A few have discussed shoulder replacement and some shoulder surgeries for rotator cuffs, but may be able to offer insights as to what shoulder shoulder in general is like.

@mschock, if you don’t mind sharing, was shoulder replacement the main treatment that was discussed? Is it pain tolerated at this point as to what your next decision will be? I don’t have experience with bone-on-bone in my shoulder, but I did have bone-on-bone in my right knee and both ankles so I understand the pain.

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