Shoulder Dilocation and Hypermobility

Posted by tweetertot @tweetertot, May 12, 2012

i hav been battling my shoulder since Nov 2010 when it was ripped out of the socket playing basketball in gym. 5 months and 6 surgeons later i found a surgeon who saw how bad my shoulder was,subluxing thirty ormore times a day andhe agreed to do a repair. When he went in he found my rotator cuff torn and ligaments. My tendons were severley streched. He fixedme and i didpt and went on my way. Then i was diagnosed with hypermobilityin august of 2011. (my surgery was in april of ’11) i was doing great though. Then in december of11 igot very sick and lost 20lbs amonth later my arm dislocated,again. Only now it fully dislocates causing a dimple in my shoulder.none of the drs here know how to help me.I also have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome that cause quite a bit of pain in my hands.My right hand(Which is also my bad shoulder side) sometimes the fingers will just freeze up because there is so much pain. One dr said i could be in the circus. I am considering mayo clinic now because im in so much pain and am so frustrate. Does anyone have any advice? Or does anyone know what I should do?(I was tested for Ehlers Danlos and found I may have the hypermobile kind)

Hi. I have Ehlers Danlos. I have vascular and hypermobile symptoms. The best thing. I have found for dislocation is strength training and physical therapy.

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