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Short episodes of exhaustion and mental fogginess

Posted by @lal2, Apr 24, 2013

I have recurring episodes of debilitating fatigue for periods of 12-24 hours that can occur twice a month or go three months in between episodes. The morning of an episode, the only symptom is mental fogginess and just feeling off. By 10am, I start feeling fatigued and have an impaired ability to concentrate and focus. Sometimes, but not always, this is shortly followed by a general depressed feeling, irritability, apathy, and emotional disturbances (crying for no reason). Then around noon, the “crash” phase sets in where I start feeling fatigued. This becomes worse throughout the day until around 3, I can no longer function and am desperate to sleep. The physical exhaustion is debilitating and it’s usually accompanied with muscle weakness and shakiness. I also just feel ill, flu like. I will sleep from 5pm until 7am the next day. I will wake up feeling a bit groggy, but all the symptoms have vanished. I also have gastrointestinal disturbances during these episodes, but nothing severe, just abnormal.

These episodes started happening frequently last year, although I can remember similar episodes before that. I have had about 10 in the last year, most, if not all, during periods of prolonged stress (moving, getting married, studying/taking the bar exam, new job). The symptoms are short lived but debilitating.

I was diagnosed with hypersomnia in November. Outside of these episodes, I am sleepy almost every day. I take a stimulant to get me through the day, but during my episodes, the medicine has little to no effect on my exhaustion.

Because the episodes are getting worse and more frequent, I’m worries this isn’t just a general stress reaction and more of a situation where stress inflames some illness I may have. Any help with figuring this out would be very appreciated.



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Posted by @anon01879703, Jun 1, 2013

Hi i have the same symtoms. I have anxiety and depression. I feel weekness tired all the time. I have shorten of breath.

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