Shingles Vaccine (Shingrix): Is it advisable for transplant patients?

Posted by azdan99 @azdan99, Jul 31, 2020

Is it advisable and safe for a transplant patient to get the new shingles vaccine, Shinglex?

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@dakotabonnie, Wouldn't be neat if we could turn back the clock to see if we did cross paths? I was a jaundiced patient in a wheelchair before my transplant. My husband and I were at the Gift of Life House from March - mid May 2009.

I love Mayo Clinic and am so appreciative for the miracle of a liver and kidney transplant. Was Dr Heimbach, by any chance your surgeon?

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This is so exciting! Yes Dr Heimbach was my miracle surgeon! When I was there in 2017 I met with her and we had a wonderful talk about all of the advances since my transplant in 2007. She and Dr. Forman, here in CO, see each other at conferences and are friends as well. We tried to talk Dr. H to come to CO (she did her residency here at University), but her family and dedication to Mayo made her turn it down. She is so talented!! I walked into Mayo just fine, not knowing that my liver was dying, so it was a real shock when I went directly to the 10th floor. I remember seeing people in the transplant clinic during my yearly visits (2008 to 2010 or 11), so it may have been you! My daughter was always by my side, and they even got a cot for her to sleep in my hospital room. We stayed at the Kahler hotel across the street from Mayo, and then in an apartment close by (access by subway and skywalk). Mayo will always hold a special place in my heart! I'm so grateful! I'm also grateful to have made this contact with you!!! Be well!

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