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shingles shot

Posted by @cmel, May 24, 2012

My husband developed a rash and itching within days after getting the shingles shot. Has anyone else experienced this? We are assured it would not be due to the shingles shot but we can find no other reason. He has now had the rash and itching for 6 months.


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Posted by @oquinnaccessatcnet, Sep 7, 2012

I have never gotten the shot for the shingles although i do need it. I have no insurance and cant seem to find where to go to get the shot. Does anyone have an answer. My shingles were worse this time than ever. I always start hurting in my spine but I started out also with what I thought was a sinus infection, running fever, cough, chills for about two weeks, itching in my hair, and I then broke out on my forehead where I have never done any of this before. I was shocked to say the least where they broke out. Usually I break out on my arm most of the time and it is not that bad, but this one about kicked my butt!

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