Shingles Shot

Posted by bantygal @bantygal, Nov 11, 2016

I’m highly allergic to all of the “cillin” antiobiotics, as well as Clindamycin. The shingles shot contains a “mycin” drug – Neomycin. Should I avoid the shingles shot, due to a potential life-threating reaction?

Hello @bantygal, and welcome to Connect. Thank you for telling us a bit about yourself and your allergies regarding “cillin” antibiotics.

The severity of this question would be best suited to be addressed by your physician, or the physician who would be administering the shot. Normally before any procedure, physicians or health care providers will ask if you have any allergies. However, you may want to read this description about the Shingles vaccine from Mayo Clinic,, which states that you may want to avoid the vaccine if you have a neomycin allergy.

@bantygal, did your physician recommend that you receive the Shingles vaccine? Are you at risk or do you have any specific questions regarding Shingles?

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