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Shingles reoccurence

Posted by @barkeb9gmailcom, Nov 26, 2012

Had shingles once. Can I get it again.



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Posted by @ageritree, Nov 29, 2012

I had shingles five years ago. Then had the shingles vaccine. Three months ago I got shingles again. Went to doc and took meds. Mtwo weeks ago got it again. On meds again. So the answer is YES.. The vaccine lessens the probability of getting it and the severity if you get it by 50%. As per my doc. Get to doc immediately as the meds only work if taken in the first few days.

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Joined: Nov 26, 2012
Posted by @barkeb9gmailcom, Nov 29, 2012

Thanks Ageritree.
I don’t have shingles now, but I’m certainly going to get the vaccine right away so that if I get it again I wont suffer for months like I did last time.

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