Posted by nitabauer @nitabauer, Apr 4, 2019

I’m 65 years old and have shingles on side of face. About 12 days ago, the left side of my face felt burned. Two days later I got horrific pain in my left temple down to my jaw joint. I felt like I got hit with a 90mph fastball. About two days later I noticed two blisters on my eyelid, then a small blister in the middle of my forehead, then finally a red raised rash type sore on the bridge of my nose… needless to say, I went to the dentist thinking something happened to my jaw, then to oral surgeon, finally to my family doctor who diagnosed me with shingles. She prescribed anti viral meds and gabapentin. My “sores” are almost completely gone on day 5 of meds, but the pain is still unbearable. Anyone else experience this type of pain? All that I read says “burning” pain. I too have burning pain on my cheekbone, the the pain in my timple is far worse than burning. My temple is so sensitive. How long does this last… I’m second guessing whether or not this is truly shingles.

Hi @nitabauer and welcome to Connect! That must be so awful having this pain and rashes. I wanted to tag fellow Connect member @mamacita as she has experience with shingles and may be able to help you know for sure if that is what it was. Have you been able to get rid of your symptoms?

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