Posted by darendres @darendres, Sep 1, 2018

My husband has shingles around the left side of his face. His eye is swollen shut and he has extreme pain in his eye. We have gone to the emergency room twice with him and they see no shingles in the eye. We went to the U of M which is a good hospital. So my question is how do we know if shingles have actually entered the eye? He has already suffered all of the symptoms but has no shingles in the eye. We don’t want to keep going to the emergency room.

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Welcome to Connect, @darendres. I can only imagine how much discomfort your husband must be experiencing!

Mentor @johnbishop has provided some excellent information about the new shingles vaccine:
Mayo Clinic Q and A: New shingles vaccine recommended for most adults over age 50
What are my options for the shingles vaccine? If I've already had shingles, should I get the vaccine so that I don't get shingles again?

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Has he had the vaccine, @darendres? Has his doctor explained why he gets recurring episodes?


@darendres Shingles is a breakout caused by the anti-virus remaining in your body from a previous infection of chicken pox. Shingles on the face is the most dangerous because it can cause blindness and/or enter the brain. I suggest you visit your doctor of internal medicine rather than the ER. My breakout was on my "sitter" and I was given a cream to put on the outbreak to ease the pain and itch. I still have a spot where I can see that I had shingles. FYI: I have been directed not to take any vaccinations containing a live virus, such as the Shingles vaccine, because I am a transplant patient and on immunosuppressants. I am no expert on Shingles, so please see a physician that can connect you with the best information and latest technology to treat your husband's symptoms and plan for the future. Blessings.

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