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Posted by @ladyhawk in Skin Health, Dec 17, 2012

now that i have been diagnosed with shingles does anyone have any home remedoies they hade tried to help ease the pain of these miserable things??

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Posted by @apriltbo1995, Jan 16, 2013

I have had Shingles many times over. Quite honestly other than pain mess no. I have been on an anti seizure med to help and it was useless. Overtime it will get better but I have found that when I get really stressed or exhausted I will have pain flair ups. I also have neuropathy in my right leg and uveitis and episcleritis in my right eye caused from my 1st two bouts of Shingles.


Posted by @mkat5955, Mar 29, 2015

Be sure to ask for Neurontin 300mg 3 times a day, it will help so much with the nerve pain!


Posted by @sharonann, Apr 27, 2016

I had them once. and noticed when around cold, it hurts. So low, moist heat with heating pad helped some. Good luck! No fun at all.

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