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Posted by @par in Just Want to Talk, Aug 29, 2011

shinglse on the inside without the blisters on the outside anyone heard of it happening.

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Posted by Anonymous-c942ee4e, Aug 29, 2011

I have never heard of anyone, but would like to know the symptoms when there are no blisters on the outside. please keep us posted on your findings.


Posted by @par, Aug 29, 2011

I was diagnosed with shingles 5 years ago, all I had was a small red bite lookiing bump on my back,, in fact thats what I thought it was because it itched like crazy and in that same spot I was sore , I was a waitress at the time and thought I had backed into one of the booth partions ,they were the same hight. as the soreness...then about 3 weeks later It started to feel like I had a band around my chest that would tighten up so tight it would almost bring me to my knees and them loosen... ,..but it would hurt so bad I woudl have to groan, I couldn't stand for clothes to touch my skin and yet I still didn't have any blisters.....its been 5 years and every now and then I get that same pain in the back and unable to havie anything next to the skin on my back......I am wondering if it was the shingles because in all this time I have found no one else that has even heard of them being on the inside....that is why I have come to the Mayo site....


Posted by @tsbalan, Mar 28, 2012

I had Shingles from from mid-July to mid-August 2011, while on a visit to Phoenix(US). Nowadays any light clothing, like a vest, was giving an electric shock like sensation (allodynia) on the area affected. The cool air from airconditioner was giving a burning sensation & ceilng fan's breeze was giving electric-shock like sensations. By sheer chance, one day I tied a crepe bandage of 6inch width x2yds long,(like the one used for Varicose Veins condition), all round the torso covering the area, and slightly tight. The effect was good, that i had less pain & skin sensation of clothing, & walking was pretty comfortable. Only it had some restriction on the full expansion of my lungs, which was tolerable for the period of walking.


Posted by @fernanddia, Oct 29, 2012

Yes, I have the same problem. They call it "shingles sin herpete"


Posted by @fernanddia, Oct 29, 2012

Yes, I have the same problem. They call it "shingles sin herpete"


Posted by @carajean, Feb 22, 2012

I have had 3 bouts of the shingles and got the shingles vaccine after the 2nd time. I always think I pulled a muscle or think I have a kidney infection which makes me lose alot of sleep because it hurts worse at night. I go for weeks before I realize it is the shingles because the tiny red bumps are so tiny and difficult to see on my back until it gets so painful, I have to get someone else to check my back-doctors have completely missed it before but now I know. It runs along a nerve so it may not be visible, just burns or feels like a pulled muscle.


Posted by @fernanddia, Oct 29, 2012

I had chicken pox as a child. Then it reacted as shingles during my pregnancy and after. Now I have singles sin herpete with neuralgia. Docs are recommending that I get the vaccine. Did the vaccine help you at all? Did you have shingles before getting the vaccine?


Posted by @lvirgilio, Mar 28, 2012

I have had Fibromyalgia for at least 10 years, and developed Shingles 3 weeks ago. Wondering if anyone in this group has experience managing doctors through this duality.


Posted by @mariongreen, Apr 16, 2012

I have active shingles. It is primarily on the inside. I have scalp pain from nerves. Otherwise I have had 3 small red bumps you could hardly see and they disappear. The drs were surprised that it did not present with the big rash. It makes diagnosis harder.


Posted by @zandra, Apr 16, 2012

5 years ago I was diagnosed with shingles. I never had a rash, bumps or blisters. What I did have was severe pain on my lower right rib cage which radiated around my right side to my lower back. The Dr. told me it was a classic symptom for shingles.
But somebody please tell me if I can expect another episode, and are there any triggers like maybe stress?

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