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Posted by @bram33, Jan 17, 2013

About a week ago I started having an irritation in my lower left eye lid and headache (I have had chronic migraines for over 12 years). Didn’t think much about it, but after 3 days went to the doctor because I was having pain in my hair to the touch and in the temple. I had no rash except for the eye thing. Doctor said it was Giant Cell artritis. Gave my Prednisone and told me I needed to take it for a month. The next day I started to get a sore inside of my noise and headache was getting worse so went to ER. They did a full work up on blood and heart because my BP was 214/112. Gave me some BP meds and set me home saying reason for visit and diagnoses was smoking and headache!!! Two days later I went back to my doctor with sore on face, Oh you have shingles he said. Started me on a 7 day course of Val acyclovir and took me off the prednisone. It’s now three days later and I have sores in my mouth and on the left side of my head by temple and skin is numb to the touch by temple and hair still hurts and headache all the time.. Pain killers don’t work at all…From what I have seen I think I should still maybe be on a light dose of prednisone…



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Posted by @wilkins905, Jan 26, 2013

I hope you are dong better …..that seems confusing, but they should get you together..hang in there

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