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She has suffered from RA for several years(around 20) so that is

Posted by @mlg453, Oct 6, 2011

She has suffered from RA for several years(around 20) so that is no mystery. She is seeing plenty of specialists and what-not and her RA is being managed to a reasonable degree. Something else has been occuring with her lately, and the signs and symptomshave been showing up within only the last two years. We have seen several physicians as well as specialists to try to get to the bottom of it, but even they seem somewhat puzzled. She has severe, debilitating pain in her neck, cervical spine, down into her middle back, shoulder blades, and arms. She descibes the pain as intense and burning-also chronic, nonstop. We have seen some neurologists, neurosurgeons, as well as orthopedic surgeons, and have have several tests-including x-rays, mri scans, tests for certain types of arthritis in the back, and bone density. The mystery is that her spine(bones, alignment, discs, and so on..) look like they are in good shape. She does, however, exhibit slightly herniated dsics in her cervical spine, along with minor bone spurs in other areas. All have concluded that these issues are minor, do not require any type of surgery, and should not cause chronic, debilitating pain. Then what, exactly is causing the intense, burning pain? We have strong reason to beileve that the answer may be she is suffering from some type of nerve/nervous system disorder. I’ver already discussed the symptoms she describes, but outwardly, the one sign she exhibits is profuse, unexplainable sweating. She also says the pain is unlike her artheritis pain, and unbearable. I think thus far, the physicians we have seen are missing something. Or simply dismissing this cindition for her RA. If anyone has any knowledge or resources about this please reply. Also any recommendations on what do to do, or where to go.-Thankyou


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