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Sharp nerve pain zapping down residual

Posted by @leonard, Aug 7, 2011

Having a very discomforting day, had my second BK amputation in January, have had three radio frequency oblations, two cortisone shots and was suppose to have surgery in June!
but with Walter Reed closing I’m left in total discomfort. because they couldn’t fit me in for surgery! Im Not taking Amy medication , neurontin was not helping and refuse to be on antidepressants just to “numb my mind”-
I take t Tylenol but can’t understand why every other day I have pins and needles running all around, my residual and today the zapping is tossing my limb up and down… Any recommendations or tricks to help get some comfort? Will try anything. Well almost.. I tell you with the closing of Walter Reed it has left Hundreds of wounded in the same boat ,p we have been forgotten! Thank heaven for the people that still are here, very few, but they care..


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