Shaming others

Posted by Merry, Volunteer Mentor @merpreb, Jan 19, 2019

Hello- I bring up this topic because of a recent post that was aimed at me. To me shame is when a person says a painful or distressing or humiliating thing that brings on the horrible feeling of distress. It’s a painful and very powerful emotion to have and to make someone feel. It’s a feeling that one person makes another person feel to make them feel responsible for a certain behavior that results in something negative. For instance when someone once tried to tell me that I was responsible for getting cancer because I smoked. I certainly didn’t pray or wish to be a cancer patient. No one wants cancer even if they take chances that could lead to it. No one has the power to willfully change their cell structures to multiply beyond control.
Some of us have experienced shame, guilt and bullying for one reason or another. I hope that you will share your insights on this so we can get a better understanding of it. To me a person does this to make another person feel small, for whatever reason. They feel powerful and in control of the situation.


@hopeful33250 11 degrees here with lots of sun sparkling from the trees and shrubs that are heavy with ice from freezing rain yesterday. Also snow on top of ice. All snuggled in here in my woman’s cave. 😊

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Sounds like a safe place to be, @parus!

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