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Severe Rosacea

Posted by @blake500, Mar 3, 2012

Starting in Sept/Oct I had some dryness on my cheeks and my nose started to get red. I went to a dermatologist and they prescribed me Doxycycline and Klaron. After using these two for about a week my face was severly red and weeping. I stopped using the Klaron, but continued the Doxy for a month with no improvement,
I went into another derm and they prescribed Bacrtrim (SMZ TMP 800-160) and a sulfur vaseline mixture. I used the sulfur for a week before discontinuing that due to weeping skin and severe redness and possible infection. The rash also spread down my neck to my shoulders. I continued on with the SMZ TMP for a month before discontinuing with no improvement (possible allergies to these).
When I went back they prescribed me Elocon, then Elidel on the next appt. These totally cleared the issue but it returned when I stopped using them. And I do know not to use steriods on my face.
We did patch testing there and also allergy testing and found out I was allergic to a few things. I am using Vaseline now just to stay away from everything. And I started allergy shots last week.
Now I am on Allegra and metro lotion (used hydrocort to heal the skin for a few days before starting metro), which I just had to stop using this morning because I am getting the same results of possible infection and red/weeping skin. I just put some hydrocortisone and a small amount of Elocon on my face to help heal the issues it caused.
Since I am running out of options and medications to treat this possible severe case of Rosacea I would like to go to the Mayo Clinic for in house treatment of this since there are no doctors that can help me.
Any advice? Thanks!!

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Posted by @blake500, Mar 3, 2012

See pic of face I just uploaded…


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Posted by @melissam, Mar 3, 2012

It is very easy to apply to be seen at the mayo clinic. Our situation may be different but they are wonderful and helped me so i strongly advise you to aply. do you have health insurance? It sounds like it. Go to mayocliinicapplication or google it you will find out how to apply. Its is quite easy. You fill out some easy forms online and within 2 to 3 days they will call and you will have answers. There are 3 clinics. One in MN Az and Fl so whichever is closest to you. Good luck and dont give up!


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Posted by @grace2, Mar 3, 2012

Yes, I see your red cheeks. That red patch is iidentical, in my opinion to a red patch I had on my neck. It was startling, and I had to figure out the problem, myself. I was allergic to a face cream. As soon as I quit using the cream, it went away. I am also allergic to bleach and perfume. I use Tide Free and Bounce Free. I would stop all the medications and simply wash your face with clear, cool water. And use plastic gloves when you use soaps of any kine for doing dishes or washing the car or taking a bath. Cetaphyl has a daily facial cleaner you can use safely, and Dove non-allergenic soap. Stay away from everything else.


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Posted by @powerofpositive, Mar 4, 2012

The red, weeping skin sounds like a contact dermititis in addition to the rosacea I had a similar issue, found by trial and error what creams I can use (facial creams), and often need to alternate between them. The ones that reacted right away have been delegated to hand/body cream, or given away. Nothing the Dem gave me helped for very long. I had a similar rash on my hands and used blackwalnut oil with great results but because of the source of the oil it naturally stains…don’t mind it on my hands but not on face.
At the advice of a couple of friends did a colon cleans and this helped. Watch diet now for sugars, and non real or chemically reproduced products.
Maybe just a simple case of roseasa that is exersabated by the world around us and the fractionated foods we now ingest unless we watch out for them.
Hope you find relief.


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Posted by @misskm, Apr 21, 2012

I was diagnosed with rosacea in my early 30s, and over the years I have tried many different creams, lotions, antibiotics, IPL treatments, micro-dermabrasion – I would have spent a fortune. Some treatments helped for a little while, some did nothing at all, and even though the rash might have occasionally abated for a little while, it always came back. And the doctors could do very little to help.
To make matters worse, I also had associated adult hormonal cystic acne, so even on the occasion that the bumps or the redness were under control, I would still get massive pimples, on my chin, jawline and neck, that would have 3, 4 or 5 cores to them and were simply awful. I had no confidence, hated going out in public, and when I did, I covered everything up with pancake makeup.

I understand your infection and reactions have been more of an extreme allergic nature, and more severe than the majority of cases, so this may not be the solution, but from what you have3 described, I would bet your willing to try anything.

I started using this brand of skin care about 18 months ago, and I have never looked back.

It contains a lot of natural ingredients, and it has helped people who suffer psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and other skin conditions.

I have only had maybe 3 rosacea flare ups since I started using it and my acne has completely disappeared. I don’t think my skin has ever looked this good, even when I was a kid! It may sound corny, but this product has literally changed my life.

I hope this information helps, and I am hoping that you have as much success with this brand as I did.

Good luck!!!


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Posted by @kaydomac, May 25, 2012

Do you have any gut problems? Pain bloating etc? This condition is actually an issue of digestion, not of the skin. If you get your guy sorted out, your skin will be restored.


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Posted by @jasoncooper73, Sep 23, 2012

this is the same issue i have been going throughfor almost 2 months now. I am weeping in the face now as I type and the fluid is running down the side of my face and it is a light honey color. I have desodine, topicord, methylprednizone, muprocine and a gambit of other things that only provide temporary reprieve. The prednizone seems to be the only thing that has kept the swelling around my eyes down.

I have gone to the whole foods store and purchased coloidial silver and oregonol oil. I have been taking that for 3 days now and I am not sure the weeping is a detox result or if I am at peak waxing of this cycle. I went to these items as a result of this post i came across and came up with possible systemic yeast overgrowth (candida)

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