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Severe & prolonged adult pertussis

Posted by @gracesssh, Feb 1, 2012

I am a 40 yo white female who has been battling pertussis for 8 months with minimal improvement & minimal help/relief from anything. Has anyone else been thru this that could offer suggestions on how to heal faster, what treatments helped you, what things to avoid, what kind of a physician to see that can help, &/or ANY encouragement ?!? I am just DESPERATE!
I cough until I vomit, I am completely exhausted 98% of the time, I’ve never smoked in my life & yet I sound like a 95 yo smoker lady! I cannot speak above a whisper for more than 2 sentences w/o serious coughing, and laughing &/or exercising causes SEVERE coughing that most often leads to vomiting. And vomiting sometimes leads to broken blood vessels all over my face & neck.
Aside from my family practitioner, I cannot find a physician that is even willing to find a way to help relieve my symptoms. She is a Wonderful doctor, but doesn’t know what to do for me now. At least she hasn’t given up on me or written me off.
I feel like I am just truly alone & will never get better or be able to return to my active life of being an involved wife, mom, friend, RN, community member! It’s been over 8 months! There are so many more ways that I (& therefore my family & friends & our future!)have been affected & I’m sure that if you’ve had pertussis you know exactly what I’m talking about.
Any help, hope, suggestions, encouragement or stories of how you overcame severe pertussis will be GREATLY appreciated!
ANYthing! Even the smallest suggestion for relief will be GREATLY appreciated!!
Thank you!



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Posted by @thaina98, Feb 22, 2012

Hello, I am so sorry about what you are facing. I to am looking for help…I will,pray for you….

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