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Severe low back pain, last week I went to a Neurosurgeon, had

Posted by @bethciowa in Just Want to Talk, Dec 6, 2011

Severe low back pain, last week I went to a Neurosurgeon, had an EMG, he said I do not have sciatoic. I've been in this battle off and on since 08. My bodied was jarred down onto a snowmobile seat really hard. Since then, I've had pain from standing, walking, and sitting. The last 2 months I have been in constant pain. I limp due to the right side of my low back pain. I've had spinal manipulations, epidural steroid injections, MRIs, low back xrays. I've been to 2 family drs, 2 pain specialist, an orthopedic surgeon and last week the neurosurgeon. I pointed to him the place in my back where the pain is the worst (when I touch it, it immediately makes me nauses) he said that is your SI joint your hip… going this afternoon for xrays… from what I've read, xrays don't show SI joint issues… I'm struggling with keeping my chin up … pain seems to distort my thoughts… I'm just not myself because of it. I sence some think that I'm not being honest or something about this nightmare I'm living. I'm a Christian, I normally wouldn't wish bad on others, why do I wish they could have this pain for a couple of months…

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