Severe leg pain

Posted by lisaw8881 @lisaw8881, Aug 1, 2019

Hi. My first post here. Quick history. Almost 3 weeks ago, ended up in the hospital and was there for almost 6 days. Became unresponsive after feeling horrible suddenly. Woke up in the ER and could not move my arms, legs, or talk well. I regained speech and most use of limbs with some difficulty in my legs. Most of the time, the pain levels were about 3-4, maxing out at a 6. Now, my legs are in so much pain, its bringing tears to my eyes. The docs said my issues were tertiary paralysis. It was "in my head", basically. Another term they used was Gillian Bar. I have no idea. But, I'm in a lot of pain, definitely a 7 or 8. In the hospital, I was not panicking as my husband was with me and showed no signs of panic. (He always told me never to worry unless he said to and I have taken that to heart as I am a worrier). However, this is starting to worry me. Also, I have not regained full short term memory stability. I'm having a hard time focusing and remembering simple things. This has only been since my incident. Any suggestions would be helpful. Aside from going back to the ER. That's an option, I know.

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Did you look up guillain Barre Syndrome? It would explains a lot if that is what you. I don’t believe your symptoms are all in your head. Please take care and definitely go back to the hospital if symptoms are worse or your doctor for help if you aren’t getting better. There are so many people that care.


Hi, I read your post and would like to express that I too suffer from horrible leg pain. It seems the more active I become the more pain I cause. I’ve always been active until transverse myletius hit…not sure I spelled that correctly or not. Mine feels like a toothache 1000 x’s worse. My muscles cramp, twist, contract then burn, tingling and feel like electric shocks. You can actually see the muscles twitching. They give out as well. Luckily I have a wonderful neurologist and has been working with me for the last few years. The pain is real. You are NOT crazy. This pain can be so unbearable at times. Curious about your leg pain. Can you explain yours?? I would love to help in anyway I can. Hopefully with some things I went through I can advise or help you. Hang in there. A friend.


Hi, so sorry to hear of your pain issues, sounds really awful. and of course it is all "in your head" though we feel it elsewhere.The brain is a wonderful organ BUT knowing that doesn't help at all does it? so much stress and pain, often I feel helpless to do anything except chug down those pills…thanks so much for sharing your situation. I wish you well (from Canada)

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