Severe leg cramps even while on cyclobenzaprine

Posted by lrosethorn @lrosethorn, Apr 16 5:10pm

-Electrolyte levels are normal
-Stretches, heat, activity have NOT helped
-I’m well hydrated
-I’m currently on cyclobenzaprine and still having severe leg cramps
-leg cramps coincide with my periods (when I have them)
-I was diagnosed estrogen deficient 4 yrs ago (when leg cramps started)
-I was put on norethindrone acetate 4 yrs ago and the cramps ended but are now back for no clear reason (I am still on norethindrone)
-both legs are affected, anywhere from thighs to toes though typically adductors are most common spot
-the adductor cramps are excruciating and it’s impacting my daily life (I can’t go swimming as normal, I am afraid to go for a walk, can’t sleep, etc.)
– I have an appt next week with my dr

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